VIKING WATER TECHNOLOGY, INC. provides water treatment products engineered and formulated to meet the specific needs of the customer.   Treatment products are custom blended to provide advanced scale and corrosion control for boiler, cooling and closed loop systems.

Additionally, VIKING WATER TECHNOLOGY, INC. distributes a comprehensive line of water treatment equipment for system automation, pretreatment, chemical feed and testing.

  • Steam Boiler scale inhibitors and polymers
  • Steam Boiler oxygen scavengers
  • Steam Boiler condensate neutralizing and filming amines
  • Cooling Tower scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Cooling Tower microbiological control products
  • Cooling Tower bio-dispersants
  • Closed Loop corrosion and deposition control products
  • Geothermal system corrosion and deposition control products
  • Ethylene and propylene glycols
  • DOW Inhibited ethylene and propylene glycols
  • Steam Boiler automated control and chemical feed systems
  • Cooling Tower automated control and chemical feed systems
  • Automated glycol feed systems
  • Closed Loop bypass and filter feeders
  • Ion-exchange water softener systems
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Filtration systems and separators
  • Test kits, equipment and reagents

VIKING WATER TECHNOLOGY, INC. distributes a varied line of related equipment from such manufacturers as:

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